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How to Arrange Living Room Furniture – For The Amateur

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Decorating your front room can be a challenge. There is so much information out there, and things can get confusing. We’ll look at two of the main types of front room decorating. The first is with the minimalist-simple approach. The second will look at Feng Shui and how this consideration placement can affect your life.

Minimalist Decorating

When looking at how to arrange living room furniture from a minimalist point of view, experts say that you should begin by planning and understanding what you hope to achieve with the space. Be sure to write down all of your ideas as part of the planning, so a critical point is not left out. All furniture placement should flow with a focal point such as a fireplace, television or conversation.

If you have decided that conversation is an important aspect of your life place chairs facing the sofa. Try to leave enough room for a coffee table that can be used by everyone. If the television is to be a focal point that’s alright. You can still have a conversation area by adding ottomans or small chairs that can be brought in and put away when done.

If you chose to use a television as your focal point, then orient all of the seating towards it. Try to make sure that every seat has a table within easy reach. Also don’t place a sofa near an entry point. This placement can make traffic difficult and feels cluttered. With a television as a focal point, it should sit against a wall facing the television. You must consider traffic flow as a part of your plan. If possible angle other seating options towards the television. Make use of a TV stand that offers storage space. This extra storage will help you avoid clutter.

A couple of other rules for using a TV as a focal point are needed. First the TV should be low enough that viewers don’t suffer from neck strain while attempting to watch it. It also should not be more that ten feet or less than six feet from the sofa. Also, make sure there are two to four feet of clear walking space in your main pathway no matter where it leads.

The main ideas for this method of furniture placement are to have good lighting, no clutter and clear traffic paths. You could try placing the furniture in a symmetrical way. This method often works for front rooms but if it doesn’t rethink your placement.

Feng Shui For The Front Room

When looking at how to arrange living room furniture with the Feng Shui approach, a clean and uncluttered room where everything works as it’s intended to is a good start. Good lighting and air flow that is allowed to flow in a natural manner is also a factor in feng-shui for all rooms.

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When looking at furniture placement the main sofa should have it’s back to a plain wall. A smaller sofa can be placed next to a set of windows. You should also avoid placing seating under a beam as this may cause a loss of financial health. You should also make sure that everyone can see the door from where they are. If not you can place a mirror that reflects the door. Here the belief is that people cannot relax if they are unable to see who’s coming through it.

You will need a water element in your room. This element can be an aquarium or water fountain. It is believed to give you a clear, clean space and helps with air flow. However, you should never place a water element in the south, west or northwest as this will have a negative effect on the air flow.

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